Winning Home Grants WCEF $10,000 to Support Woburn’s Most At-Risk Students

WCEF is proud to announce the receipt of a $10,000 charitable grant from Winning Home, Inc., to fund Educator Grants which address the special educational needs of high-risk students in the Woburn Public Schools.  This year’s award brings the total investment from Winning Home, Inc., to $30,000 in just 5 years; past grants have supported 22 innovative new projects that continue to benefit Woburn students at every elementary school and both middle schools. 

“Winning Home grants are making an immediate and lasting impact on the learning experiences of today’s students”, comments WCEF’s Maureen Willis.  “Winning Home grants have empowered our students to make positive life choices through a district-wide wellness initiative, imagine their future with career exploration in our middle schools, build literacy skills and a love of reading with diversified texts. Winning Home grants have also connected hundreds of students with technology and innovative programs that spark excitement in learning and student achievement.  We are grateful for the continued investment by Winning Home in the potential of Woburn’s most at-risk students, as part of its mission to serve the needs of Woburn’s children and their families.” 

This funding from Winning Home, Inc. will be made available to Woburn Educators as part of this year’s round of grant awards.  Woburn Educators are invited to submit proposals for grants now through January 21, 2020.     


Pictured at the check presentation (l-r):

Winning Home Board Member Michael Maher, Winning Home Treasurer/Director Albert “Chip” Curran, WCEF Board Member Nancy Whalen, Winning Home Board Chair Thomas Martin, WCEF Executive Director Maureen Willis, WCEF Board Chair Joe Crowley, WCEF Board Member Robert E. Maguire.   

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