Nominations for the 2019 Woburn Hall of Fame event are now closed.
Inductees to the Inaugural event will be announced March 4, 2019.

Woburn Memorial High School has a proud and distinguished tradition of educational excellence and athletic achievement.  This Hall of Fame has been established to recognize those individuals whose integrity, achievements, sportsmanship and character have enhanced the overall educational experience of our youth, and inspired pride in our community.  

The Woburn Hall of Fame honors contributions in sports, with categories for individual athletes, teams, coaches, and community members.

The Woburn Hall of Fame also honors distinguished alumni who have achieved remarkable success in industry or have made outstanding contributions to society.

The activities of the Woburn Hall of Fame, including all voting procedures, shall follow the rules as outlined in the Woburn Hall of Fame ByLaws

All proceeds from the Woburn Hall of Fame will be used to support projects and programs in the Woburn Public Schools that cannot be funded by the regular school budget.

Candidates for Induction into the Woburn Hall of Fame are nominated by the Community, as described here:

  • Nominations will be accepted from any member of the Greater Woburn community and/or Woburn Memorial High School Alumni; no nominations will be put forward by the Selection Committee
  • Those making nominations must provide a name and contact information; anonymous nominations will not be accepted
  • Nominations will only be accepted October 1, 2018 to December 1, 2018
  • Nominations will only be accepted when submitted on the required forms

Questions?  Please call 781-281-9589 or email

All NET proceeds from the Woburn Hall of Fame will equally support the Woburn Community Educational Foundation, Inc. and Woburn Memorial High School.

2019 Woburn Hall of Fame Selection Committee Members:

Jim Duran, Chair (Non-voting member)
Dr. Paul Andrews
Jessica Callanan
Ed Maguire
Michael Martini
Meghan Patrissi
Don Queenin
Brian Teague
Maureen Willis (Secretary, Non-voting member)
Maria Zeqo