WCEF hosts a number of fundraising activities throughout the year, which engage members of our community at all levels.  These private dollars are then gifted back to the schools through our Educator Grants Program, as well as through special educational initiatives and school enhancement projects not covered by the district’s publicly funded budget.

WCEF publishes an Annual Report each year, as a 
comprehensive narrative on our programs and operations.

We invite you to read these reports to learn more about the great new projects funded with your support in the Woburn Public Schools!

WCEF FY2023 Annual Report

WCEF FY2022 Annual Report

WCEF FY2021 Annual Report

WCEF FY2020 Annual Report

WCEF FY2019 Annual Report


WCEF is a private nonprofit organization, founded in 2014 with a mission to increase private investment and community involvement in the Woburn Public Schools. Our goal is to support educational programs and initiatives that empower teacher creativity and drive innovation in the classroom beyond that which is possible with public dollars.

We envision a Foundation which brings new resources to our schools to provide grants directly to teachers, opportunities for professional development and investments in technology and curriculum as tools in learning.

WCEF is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Contributions qualify as tax-deductible and fund quality educational experiences in the Woburn Public Schools.

The IRS requires that all nonprofit organizations file an annual tax return, the Form 990.  WCEF’s most recent Form 990 can be found here:  FY2023 WCEF 990EZ.


WCEF is governed by a volunteer board, made up of former educators and community leaders dedicated to supporting excellence in the Woburn Public Schools.

List of Board Members (as of November 2023):  Colleen Cormier, Joe Crowley, Sue Ellen Holland, Chris Irving, Bill Johnson, Jim Juliano, Dat Le, Richard Maguire, Michael O’Brien, Krista Pires, Eric Skeffington, Brian Teague, Ernie Wells, Nancy Whalen, Maria Zeqo

Superintendent of Schools, Ex Officio Advisor:  Dr. Matt Crowley
Executive Director:  Maureen Willis

Board Members Emeritus – Distinguished members of our Founding Board:
Robert E. Maguire
Michael Martini
Rick Metters
Joanne Mulkerin
Don Queenin