WCEF Announces 2024 Educator Grants

WCEF is pleased to announce this year’s Educator Grants, 29 in total, supporting a variety of different school and classroom projects across multiple disciplines at every grade level in the Woburn Public Schools.

These grant awards invest more than $28,000 in educational enhancements, including hands-on learning tools, immersive experiences, musical instruments, and interactive classroom technology, all geared to the needs, interests and diversity of our community. WCEF is proud to invest in these projects and to partner with Woburn Educators in their thoughtful approach to meeting the unique needs of today’s students.   

These grants are in addition to the WCEF-funded initiatives supported by multi-year grants from local funders. 

In December, the Winning Home Foundation awarded WCEF a $20,000 grant, which is year 2 of a 3-year commitment to bring the Caring School Community program to Woburn’s Middle Schools.

A Cummings Foundation Grant, awarded in 2021, provides $20,000 annually through a decade of support for the Lexia Program in Woburn elementary schools, funding a proven learning enhancement to help ensure that Woburn students read at grade level, to support their current and future academic success.

This year alone WCEF’s commitment to Woburn’s Schools will total more than $70,000. This investment is only possible with the support of our community.

Moving forward, WCEF continues to benefit from an engaged and committed volunteer board and a strong relationship with Woburn Educators and our Public Schools. WCEF exists to raise money, and we do this very often by promoting the great things that are happening in our schools. Our success during the past ten years is reflective of the spirit of our community, and the power of Woburn Pride.  We are extremely grateful and excited to see all we have achieved together.

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