WCEF Educator Grants Program 

Beginning in 2014, WCEF will offer at least one round of Educator Grants during each school year.
A Call for Grant Proposals will be made through the Woburn Public Schools and through multiple media channels.
Proposals will be accepted for a six week period.
All Grant Applications must be submitted via the Apply Here page at www.woburnedfoundation.org

Please note:  Grants are awarded to the Woburn Public Schools, restricted to each funded project.  No funds are awarded directly to educators

Guidelines for WCEF Educator Grants:
(Effective December 2016)

  • Grant Range: $200 to $1,000
  • Grant Types: Education Projects/Programs and Professional Development
  • Eligible Applicants: Educational professionals employed by the Woburn Public Schools.

Grants must be used for educational projects that fall outside the regular school budget. Grant funds may not be used to replace or relieve the existing responsibility for public funding of school programs, or to substitute for regular budget growth and maintenance.  

Please note:  WCEF is funding the Lexia Program as a 5-year pilot project, through a Cummings Foundation grant.  For this reason, WCEF will not accept proposals for the Lexia Program through this Educator Grants Program.  

Education Projects/Programs

Education Project/Program Grants support innovative instruction, enriched curricula, and the use of new technology and approaches in the classroom. Education Project/Program Grants may support work at any grade level and in any subject, including but not limited to the arts, sciences, literacy, math, social studies, physical education and 21st century skills.      

  • What can be funded:
    • Equipment, supplies and materials needed for project/program implementation
      • Any technology equipment or software must be purchased through the Woburn Public Schools Technology Department.
      • Note: All equipment and materials purchased with WCEF funds become the property of the Woburn Public Schools.
    • Training if required for project implementation
    • Guest speakers, artists, consultants and performers who assist in the implementation of the project/program (and requisite travel if necessary)
    • Educational materials such as books, films and other media
    • Printing, copying and distribution of materials as related to project/program implementation
  • What cannot be funded:
    • Teacher stipends or school personnel positions
    • Field trips or transportation
    • Regular curriculum materials
    • Classroom libraries
    • Programs, equipment, or services cut from the school budget
    • Substitute teacher stipends
    • Existing school programs and activities
    • Retroactive compensation
    • Capital acquisitions such as photocopiers, furniture, construction, and building projects

Professional Development

Professional Development grants are made to educational professionals to broaden and deepen their understanding of a variety of educational techniques, approaches, subjects and disciplines. Preference would go to those grants which allow and encourage professionals to share their learnings with their colleagues and students to increase overall impact.

  • What can be funded:
    • Tuitions, books and materials for courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, professional meetings or research programs.
    • Mileage and parking
  • What cannot be funded:
    • Airfare, sea or long distance train travel
    • Meals (unless they are included in an event registration)
    • Graduate credit necessary for salary increases.
    • Regular professional or curriculum development programs within the purview of Woburn Public Schools.