WCEF Funds Wicked Cool Programs at the Shamrock School

Second Grade Science students in Nancy Osgood’s class will enjoy the Wicked Cool for Kids Program, made possible with $1,000.00 in funding from WCEF.

Grade One students will have a Complete Leveled Reading Library Collection in Laura Rebelo’s classroom.  Her grant proposal was funded for $1,000.00.

Hurld School Educators Secure $3,000 for Innovative Programs

WCEF was proud to award Hurld School Educators Maureen Kozachuk and Maura Hooper $1,000.00 each to fund the Lexia Reading Program for their third grade and first grade students.

Marlene Faulkingham’s second grade class will have access to cutting-edge educational applications on their new Ipads.  WCEF was proud to support this grant proposal with $1,000.00 in funds.

Congratulations to these innovative Hurld School Educators!

Music, Reading and Science Programs Funded with Educator Grants

WCEF was proud to fund the following Educator-inspired projects as part of the March 2015 Grant Awards:

Bethany Newman, Music Educator at the Goodyear, Reeves, Shamrock and White Elementary Schools, wrote a proposal for instruments to incorporate a Rhythm & Drumming Program into her lessons.  She received a $480.00 grant.

Jessica Cefali’s proposal for the Feeding the Need to Read at Our Level Program for the Goodyear Elementary School’s Resource Room was funded for $998.00.

Goodyear Kindergarten students will also experience enhance learning through the Top Secret Science Program.  Shannon McDonough’s proposal to WCEF secured $1,000.00 for this project.


Reeves Elementary School Educators Awarded $1500

Reeves School Educators were recently awarded more than $1500 in grant funding to support innovative programs at their school:

Kimberlee Johnson was awarded $789.00 to support the Success with STEM Skills Program.

Keryn Landry was awarded $756.00 in grant funds for a Kindle-based Listening to Literature Program for her Reading/ELA Classroom.



WCEF Announces Educator Grant Awards

The Woburn Community Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the first-ever round of grant awards to Woburn Educators.  These funds were made available through fundraising activities led by the WCEF Board during our first year of operations, to include our spring Teacher Tribute Campaign and Fall Womens Forum event, as well as donations from local businesses and individuals.  We are grateful for the interest and support of the Greater Woburn Community in these efforts to bring new resources to our Public Schools.

On December 22, 2014, we invited all Woburn educators at every school and in all subject areas to apply for grants of up to $1,000 to fund their great ideas, with a six-week deadline for requests of February 2, 2015.  We were very pleased to receive thoughtful and well-developed grant proposals from Woburn educators to support learning enhancements across a variety of curriculum areas, to include music and fine arts, reading, literature, STEM skills and technology.  We want to thank them for taking the time to submit these grant proposals.

A Grants Committee, made up of members of the WCEF Board, reviewed these proposals and recommended funding for all of the projects which met our criteria to support innovative instruction, enriched curricula, and the use of new technology and approaches in the classroom.   The WCEF Board of Directors has voted to approve funding for all these grants, which total $9,771.85.

Congratulations to the Educator Grant Award Recipients:

Woburn Memorial High School:
Sarah Dugan:  $750.00 for a Photography Lighting Workshop

Goodyear, Reeves, Shamrock & White Elementary Schools:
Bethany Newman:  $478.89 for a Rhythm & Drumming Program

Goodyear Elementary School:
Jessica Cefali:  $998.00 for “Feeding the Need to Read at Our Level”
Shannon McDonough:  $1,000.00 for ” Top Secret Science”

Hurld Elementary School:
Marlene Faulkingham:  $1,000.00 for Ipads for Classroom Use
Maura Hooper:  $1,000.00 for the Lexia Reading Program
Maureen Kozachuk:  $1,000.00 for the Lexia Reading Program

Reeves Elementary School:
Kimberlee Johnson:  $789.00 for  “Success with STEM Skills”
Keryn Landry:  $755.96 for Listening to Literature

Shamrock Elementary School:
Nancy Osgood:  $1,000.00 for ” Wicked Cool for Kids”
Laura Rebelo:  $1,000.00 for a ” Complete Leveled Reading Library”

WCEF 2014-2015 Grant Program Now Open!

The Woburn Community Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of its 2014-2015 Grant Program.  Educational Professionals from the Woburn Public Schools are invited to apply for funds to support their creative ideas for educational programs or projects that are not funded by the regular school budget.  Grants of up to $1,000 will be made to support new initiatives at any grade level and in any subject, to include the arts, sciences, literacy, math, social studies, physical education and 21st Century skills.  Project/Program grants will support:

  • Innovative instruction, to include the use of technology and creative teaching tools
  • Enriched curricula, guest speakers, artists and performers
  • Training and teaching materials, books, films and other media

The deadline for grant applications is February 2, 2015.  Grant awards will be announced on March 16, 2015.  Please visit our Grants page for the complete Grant Application and Guidelines, to include more information on what WCEF Grants can and cannot fund, at woburnedfoundation.org/grants