WCEF Grant Expands STEM Education in Woburn Elementary Schools

WCEF is pleased to support the expansion of STEM Programs in Woburn Elementary Schools, with a $7,000 grant to purchase Robotics Kits designed to provide hands-on interactive learning experiences for students in grades K-5.  This funding was requested by elementary educators and builds upon the program originally funded by WCEF in 2019.

This WCEF grant addresses a real need for our schools to adequately prepare students for jobs of the future, by sparking their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) subjects at a young age.  In her grant proposal, Courtney Young explains “In elementary school, students are still learning with their hands and eyes … As students start to develop early literacy and reasoning skills, robotics can help students work through problems visually and experimentally … introducing STEM early increases students interest in the field.”

To build the existing repertoire and expand the use of robotics at all Woburn Elementary Schools, WCEF’s investment will fund the purchase of a Dash Robotics Kit, a Kibo-18 Robotics Kit and 7 Motion Blocks Sets. These robotics kits offer students the opportunity to learn block-based coding using screen technologies and apps, as well as through hands-on wooden block manipulatives.  These learning tools teach young students early coding, and provide a foundational introduction to how robots interact with their environment.

This recent grant award is in addition to the $20,000 in funding awarded in December 2020 to support livestream education in Woburn Middle and High Schools.  Since 2014, WCEF has invested almost $240,000 in Woburn Schools, to support educational initiatives that drive innovation beyond that which is possible with public dollars.  Learn more about WCEF by visiting us online at www.woburnedfoundation.org.

Photo credit: https://kinderlabrobotics.com/kibo/