Presenting Woburn’s Awesome Teachers!

WCEF is proud to present the list of Woburn Educators honored this year with a Woburn’s Awesome Teacher Tribute.  This year’s campaign was our most successful ever, with 271 tributes received, 189 individual educators honored, 5 whole school tributes and more than $6,700 raised to support WCEF’s Educator Grants Program. 

This year, honored educators received their tributes via email, and they are posting selfies with their tributes on social media with the hashtag #WATT2021.     

Thanks to the inspiring work of our educators, the WATT program has grown more than 50% during the past two years.  WCEF is pleased to provide this opportunity for our Woburn community to publicly recognize the extraordinary efforts of our educators, and the difference they have made for their students and their families, especially this year.  All funds raised through the WATT program directly support Educator Grants in our schools and will be made available to all Woburn Educators during the next school year.

The mission of WCEF is to increase private investment and community involvement in the Woburn Public Schools.  Our goal is to support educational programs and initiatives that empower teacher creativity and drive innovation in the classroom beyond that which is possible with public dollars.  We are a volunteer organization which works to bring new resources to our schools.  To see the full list of honored educators and view the Awesome Teacher Tribute Gallery as we build it, visit

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