WCEF Announces 2017 Educator Grant Awards!

WCEF is pleased to announce the list of projects awarded funding as part of the 2017 Educator Grants Awards Program.  These projects were selected through a competitive review process, and reflect outstanding efforts by Woburn Public School teachers to develop innovative and interactive programs designed to engage their students in meaningful learning to support their academic success.

Congratulations to the 2017 Educator Grant Award Recipients

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  1. Bryan Murphy

    I am so thrilled for these educators. They receive acclamation for the tremendous efforts and hard work they put forth. PLUS the children actually receive, see, touch & can feel the rewards courtesy of your outstanding generosity.
    This is another fine example of why I consistently brag to outsiders that “Woburn is a remarkable city, one that I am so very proud to state that I & my entire family live, work and totally enjoy it”

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