WCEF Announces 2022 Educator Grant Awards

The Woburn Community Educational Foundation (WCEF) is pleased to announce our 2022 grant awards to support exciting new projects and educational initiatives across multiple grades and disciplines in the Woburn Public Schools.  Through the generosity of our community, $19,441 was granted to support 27 innovative classroom-based, whole-school and district-wide programs designed to introduce students to new concepts and technology, increase their understanding of our shared history and the world, and to support their social-emotional well-being and development. These funds will purchase hands-on learning tools, deliver interactive classroom technology, support the arts and expand the use of diversified texts, all to create excitement in learning and support the academic success of today’s students.     

“These grants represent an important milestone in the history of this educational foundation,” noted WCEF Executive Director Maureen Willis during the recent Grant Awards Presentation. “Since our founding in 2014 and the opening of our Grant Program in 2015, WCEF has awarded $170,000 directly as Educator Grants and has secured a total of $530,000 in new funding to support our schools.”

She told the assembled group of educators, “It is so wonderful to see you here, and to have the opportunity to thank you in-person for all you have done to support your students and our community during the past 2 years.”

Special thanks to the Cummings Foundation for its leadership support of WCEF and to the Winning Home Foundation for its continued partnership support that will fund a new out-of-school time program for the district’s ELL students, as well as five of the Educator Grants awarded this year.

WCEF is a nonprofit organization formed to increase private investment and community involvement in the Woburn Public Schools.  We invest in new programs and projects that cannot be funded by the regular school budget. To learn more about WCEF and to get involved, visit us online at www.woburnedfoundation.org.    

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