WCEF kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week with launch of Woburn’s Awesome Teacher Tribute Campaign!

We invite the Woburn Community to honor and thank a special educator with a Woburn’s Awesome Teacher Tribute!  This campaign supports Woburn Community Educational Foundation’s Educator Grant Program, which, to date, has awarded more than $100,000 to support new projects and initiatives in the Woburn Public Schools. This year especially, a tribute to your awesome Woburn teacher is the perfect way to send a personal message of thanks when you cannot do so in person.  Your Educators would love to hear from you, and your donation supports our schools. 

Any member of the community is encouraged to honor of any current or former educator in the Woburn Public Schools.  Personalized tribute awards will be delivered via email to each honored Educator, and will include your special tribute message.  The amount of your contribution is completely confidential.     

To participate, simply complete a 2020 WATT Donation Form and mail to WCEF as per the instructions.  Forms can be downloaded and tribute donations made directly via the WCEF website

The deadline to participate in this year’s Woburn’s Awesome Teacher Tribute is Friday, May 29, 2020.  Call us at 781-281-9589.  

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