A Special Thank You to All WPS Educators


As we reach the end of a more than year- long battle with the COVID pandemic, the members of the Woburn Community Educational Foundation (WCEF) thank you for your dedicated service under extreme circumstances to deliver uninterrupted teaching to the students of Woburn. Recently, our “Awesome Teacher Tribute Campaign” was completed and we were struck by the overwhelming public response this year considering the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Many parents felt compelled to include a personal note with their submission applauding the dedication of their child’s teacher.

Our partnership with Woburn educators began by fulfilling the major mission of our organization, providing private investment to innovative programs that were not possible with public money. For the last five years, this has included $100,000 in funding for the LEXIA reading program.

In an effort to continue this support, WCEF applied for a renewal grant through the Cummings Foundation $25 Million Grant Program.  We were informed this week that WCEF was awarded a $200,000.00 grant in annual installments of $20,000.00 per year for 10 years. Credit for this important milestone must be shared with the Woburn Public School Administration and the Woburn Public School educators, whose obvious enthusiasm for the program has contributed to its success in helping Woburn students read at grade level. This is what inspired the support of the Cummings Foundation.

While the “pandemic period” had some negative impact on normal schooling, it did highlight the innovation, dedication and flexibility of Woburn educators. Congratulations and we are proud to be working on your behalf and the students of Woburn.

In Partnership, 

The Board of Directors of the Woburn Community Educational Foundation
Joe Crowley                               Joanne Mulkerin
Sue Ellen Holland                      Donald Queenin
Bonnie Johnson                         Eric Skeffington
Robert E. Maguire                      Brian Teague
Michael Martini                          Nancy Whalen
Rick Metters                               Maria Zeqo

Maureen Willis, Executive Director


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