Presenting the 2019 Educator Grant Awards

The Woburn Community Educational Foundation is pleased to announce our 2019 grant awards to support exciting new projects and educational initiatives in the Woburn Public Schools.  Through the generosity of our community, $18,786 was granted to support 25 diverse classroom-based, whole-school and district-wide programs designed to engage students in interactive learning.  These funds will purchase innovative learning tools, provide professional development opportunities for teachers, deliver classroom technology enhancements and new educational enrichment programs, all to support the academic success of today’s students.     

Special thanks to the Winning Home Foundation for its continued investment in the potential of Woburn students; this partnership support will fund six of the grants awarded this year.

WCEF is a nonprofit organization formed to increase private investment and community involvement in the Woburn Public Schools.  Grant funds support new projects that cannot be funded by the regular school budget. WCEF raises funds in the community through our Awesome Teacher Tribute Program and the Woburn Hall of Fame and Women’s Forum events.  To help make a difference in our schools, contact WCEF at 781-281-9589 or email us at   

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